5 Days. 10 Clues. 1 Chance to Win. Let the #TOE Scavenger Hunt Begin …

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Centrinian Launches the #TOE Scavenger Hunt for London
Secondary School Students

London, UK, April 14, 2016 – With just over four weeks to go before the entry deadline, there is still enough time for students to unleash their imagination and discover the mystery surrounding Talisman Of El, book one in the T.O.E. trilogy, a young adult fantasy series by disabled UK writer Alecia Stone.

Centrinian, together with CBY Book Club, has launched the #TOE Scavenger Hunt throughout numerous schools across London. The competition challenges students with a quiz that measures their knowledge of Talisman Of El in a bid to win one of six amazing prize bundles that includes but is not limited to a Segway and a PS4.

“Encouraging teenagers to read these days is quite a challenging feat even with an incentive such as a competition, so the fundamental focus here has to be the product,” said Sheldon Stone, Publisher and Chief Executive Officer of Centrinian Publishing Ltd, “and we believe we have just the thing to spark a love for reading in youths.”

TOE School Competition - A4HOW TO ENTER

Entries must be submitted via the #TOE Scavenger Hunt app at the following Facebook website: https://www.facebook.com/TalismanOfEl.

Any entries not complying with the rules will be discounted.

Closing date for the entry form is May 15, 2016. The competition commences on May 16 and ends on May 20, 2016.

5 days. 10 clues. 1 chance to win. Let the #TOE Scavenger Hunt Begin …




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