About Us


Centrinian is an independent publisher bringing forth a drive and passion to juvenile and young adult fiction.

We are a publishing team that specialises in fun-packed stories filled with mystery, magic and history compiled by authors with that cutting edge in the art of storytelling. We are not limited by genre, but we welcome compelling voices with a fresh vision that reflect the lives of our young readers.

Centrinian aspires to bridge the gap between fresh ideas and a new generation of youths. We strive for quality over quantity and aim to unite new authors with a new audience. Centrinian recognises creativity and appreciates artistic masterpieces in youth fiction.

Centrinian Timeline

Aug 2011: Centrinian founded by Sheldon Stone.
Sep 2011:  Acquired first title.
Oct 2011:  Became a client of distributor, Lightning Source (Ingram).
Nov 2011:  Jason Russell joins as Illustrator.
Dec 2011:  Signed up with e-book distributor PigeonLab.
Jan 2012:  Talisman Of El listed in distribution channels worldwide.
Feb 2012:  Talisman Of El on iTunes.
Mar 2012: Centrinian announces its first Partnership with NetGalley.
Apr 2012: Talisman Of El displays on the New Title Showcase at The London Book Fair.
May 2012: Centrinian releases its debut title Talisman Of El.
Sep 2013: Acquired second title.
Mar 2014: Centrinian releases Blackout, the sequel to Talisman Of El.
Feb 2015: Acquired third title.