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A new publisher dedicated to bringing quality fiction to young readers.
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Have you written a great book?

Centrinian does not accept unsolicited manuscripts. Please refer to your local bookstore, the library, or a book entitled LITERARY MARKETPLACE on how to find the appropriate agent for you.

Agented submissions: Email submissions only! Snail mail submissions are discarded without being opened. Please query first with an email to Editorial Director Ian Steele (  The email should include a one to three paragraph synopsis of the project in question in the body of the email. Please do NOT include the manuscript or sample chapters with the initial query. Again — only agented submissions at this address.

We will not acknowledge or respond to snail mail submissions.

Centrinian represents books for children, young adult and new adult. We don’t represent non-fiction writers.

General information:

  • We only publish a limited number of books per year.
  • All material must be new and previously unpublished.
  • Manuscripts should be between 50,000 and 120,000 words.
  • If we have denied your work, please wait six months before resubmitting.
  • Centrinian is a royalty-paying publisher. There are no fees associated with editing or publishing of any kind.  All material published is under contract and any rights sold to Centrinian will revert to the author at the end of the contract period.  All material submitted and published remains the property of the author.
  • Centrinian publishes books in print, eBook and audio books.
  • We are committed to accepting and publishing quality work only.

We accept:


  • Action/Adventure
  • Suspense/Thriller
  • Paranormal
  • Fantasy/Sci-Fi
  • Romance (Primarily Contemporary and Paranormal but will consider others)
  • Mystery/Crime
  • Horror
  • General
  • Picture Books

We will consider graphic novels.

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